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Kunshan Rong Ding with automotive accessories from the product development process, product design, mold design, vehicle standard product supply capacity.

   ◊ Was established in 2010 and reviewed by TS16949 system in 2013.

   ◊ Is a commitment to the development of automotive decorative pieces, design, manufacturing enterprises.

   ◊ With the logo, the wheel decorated cover, trim, grille, handle the design ability.

   ◊ With injection mold, die-casting mold, stamping die design and manufacturing capabilities.

   ◊ With product injection, electroplating, vacuum coating, painting manufacturing capacity.

   ◊ For FAW cars, Tianjin Xiali, FAW Jilin, FAW-GM, Thailand, such as supporting the PP hub.

   ◊ To provide customers with a variety of manufacturing platforms, such as injection molding, vacuum plating, electroplating, silk screen, Disu, and so on.


    Kunshan Rong Ding, is now the domestic OEM and the hub of the plant design and manufacture of a number of vacuum coating process assembly signs.






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