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First, the development of capacity
Personnel: now has 25 technical staff of the average design age of more than five years, of which five senior designers have more than 10 years of design experience, and by Autocad, UG, I-deas, MAGMA, coordinate measuring instrument, ISO 9001 , ISO / TS16949 quality system training.
Design Verification New Technology Application: The company has introduced CAE technology for product structure strength analysis (FEA) and casting mold flow analysis (MFA). In the new product design and mold design stage, CAE technology is used. On the one hand, you can further optimize the product structure design, on the other hand, greatly reduced due to performance testing NG and poor casting caused by a number of mold, test mode, which shorten the test mode cycle, while reducing the cost of the test mode.
FEA Results picture(1-4)

Figure 1 Impact simulation analysis model

Figure 2 Impact simulation analysis of the stress distribution at a time


FEA Results picture(1-4)


Figure 3 bending fatigue life analysis of a moment of stress distribution

Figure 4 Simulation analysis of radial fatigue life


MFA Results picture(5-9)


Figure 5 Tracking particle distribution when filling

Figure 6 filling the flow of aluminum liquid flow chart


MFA Results picture(5-9)


Figure 7 filling the aluminum liquid temperature change map

Figure 8 shows the temperature change during solidification


MFA Results picture(5-9)

Figure 9 Wheel Defect Prediction Chart


Wheel rigidity, frequency analysis


      (A) wheel six-axis rigidity analysis

1 before and after force with the direction

2 before and after the force reverse

3 - transverse force in the same direction

4-wheel reverse

5 up and down force with the direction

6 up and down force reverse


Six-axis rigidity analysis results




        (B), the natural frequency of the wheel, dynamic stiffness analysis


Natural frequency, dynamic stiffness analysis model

Natural frequency, dynamic stiffness analysis shock


Natural frequency, dynamic stiffness analysis chart                                   Natural frequency, dynamic stiffness analysis results


Second, technical support
Zhongyite companies adhere to technological innovation since its establishment, has with the Shanghai Jiaotong University, the National Die CAD Engineering Research Center, Shanghai Die Technology Research Institute, UDS joint digital group and other universities, research centers, and long-term technical support units.

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